siprotect provides a level of bad actor deterrence by learning from threats that exist on the internet and taking action to assist in the prevention of malicious behaviour. How does siprotect do this ?

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How does siprotect do this ?

Phishing Detection

The detection of attempts to deceive communications platforms in to evening information that allows bad actors detect systems they want to attempt to breach.

Vulnerability Detection

Monitor bad actors as they attempt to find weaknesses in communication platforms

Intrusion Detection

Detect intrusion attempts and log their activities

Hack Simulation

The simulation of a successful breach to learn trends from the activities carried out by bad actors.

Data learnt from these attempts allows siprotect to further protect your communications platform and the world as we:

Abuse Report: Automatically report the attempts to service provider abuse email address with log generated evidence
Abuse IP DB: Report the bad actors IP addresses to the Abuse IP DB
Blacklist: Blacklist IP addresses, Subnets and Service Provers